The future of bike parking in public

The future of bike parking in public

Micromobility is the future.

Bikes and scooters will play an even bigger role in the future planning of cities. This creates is a need for new parking and charging solutions. This problem has been addressed with e-STANDS with its patented concept, offering parking and charging in the same solution.

Cities around the world are battling the issue of too many cars, and the derived consequences for both environment and health. This development must not continue and therefore many cities are planning on making car free zones, where the citizens can use their bikes, scooters or public transportation instead.

Following this transition in the cities, micromobility is in rapid development. The number of e-bikes and scooters is growing at exploding rates. On an e-bike, riding 10-20 kilometres are no longer as much of a challenge, and the trip would in many cases be faster on a bike than in a car because of traffic.

In the cities the foldable scooter is also an obvious alternative to public transport.

This development towards micromobility is extremely benign for both the environment and public health and should be supported by solutions in the infrastructure that makes safe parking and charging solutions for the users.

Safe parking and the possibility of charging is exactly what we offer with e-STANDS. Our solution is a parking and charging system in one. With our patented retainment, the bike and scooter is retained by a 4 mm steel construction. Both battery, charger and bicycle helmet can be locked away during charging.

Find the bicycle racks of the future here

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