Safe parking for your employees

Safe parking for your employees

Healthy employees are more effective and have fewer sick days.

Even a few kilometers a day has a huge impact on health, even when using an e-bike. Making your employees take the bike will therefore benefit you as a company owner. The employees motivation to ride their bikes is increased by having a safe spot to park and charge their bikes.

Company biking arrangements are increasingly popular as an alternative or supplement to the company car.

With its compact design e-STANDS can be set up on limited space. And with the integrated charging function, you get a complete solution with e-STANDS.

e-STANDS can function as an offline system where the system is operated only by NFC cards, or as an online system with an online administration module and a phone app. Both systems can be configured to your own NFC access cards, thereby integrating e-STANDS into your infrastructure.

Find the bicycle racks of the future here

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