Modern bike parking for your residents

Modern bike parking for your residents

With e-STANDS you bring order to your bike parking, joy to your residents, and you get the option to make bike parking a business.

e-STANDS combines a theft proof parking and charging station in one solution, which makes it possible to offer your residents safe parking and charging possibilities for their e-bikes and scooters near the property.

As a fully electronical solution, e-STANDS can be dedicated to a specific apartment or resident via the online based administration module.

Proper conditions for bike parking is the first requirement for the residents to use the racks and not just park their bikes wherever. The users’ incentive to use the stands increases with our bike stands’ security, ease of use and charging possibilities.

Additionally, e-STANDS can be delivered with bicycle helmet storage - thereby keeping everything stored in the parking system.

Find the bicycle racks of the future here

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