Combined parking & charging station

Bike, battery & helmet safely locked

  • Unmatched safety & convenience

The idea behind e-STANDS was to design a new parking concept that protects against theft and where the user does not need to bring their own lock. Similarly, it was a goal of ours to design a stand with a minimal risk of damaging or scratching the vehicle.

Finally, the overall objective was to achieve the above-mentioned criteria with a parking system which is both intuitive, easy and quick to use.

At e-STANDS we believe that we have achieved the objective with our patented solution, which sets a new standard for both security and user-friendliness.

Bike parking is currently dominated by two solutions. The most well known is the old school front wheel racks. By using these, there is a big risk of damaging the front wheel and/or scratching the bike. The other current solution is the “leaning mount” that has no retainment of the bike. The lack of retainment makes it easy for the bike to tip over by other users or simply windy weather.

The common ground for the two solutions is the lack of retainment and the fact that they can easily be stolen unless the user brings their own lock. Unfortunately, the minority of locks can resist a battery driven bolt cutter, and the ones that can are both expensive and inconvenient to both bring and use.

Scooter parking is a relatively new discipline, and the primary locking solution is to lock the vertical scooter bar.

e-STANDS is a new approach to bike- and scooter parking. With the patented solution of e-STANDS, a compact 4 mm steel construction, which at the same time supports the vehicle and prevents it from being stolen.

Parking of both bike and scooter in e-STANDS is easy and fast. Both bike and scooter are rolled forward into the rack, which the user can do from a free and open position behind the vehicle.

e-STANDS is coated with plastic fenders at the places where the vehicle touches the rack, thereby preventing the risk for scratches.

Another aspect is the compact design and height of e-STANDS, which gives an open and airy feeling around the parking system. This makes it possible to properly light the entire parking system.

  • Electronic lock – no lock needed

One of the mandatory requirements in the design of e-STANDS has been to offer the users a parking system with a built-in lock that secures the vehicle, making a separate lock unnecessary.

In an increasingly digitalized world, we have chosen to equip e-STANDS with an electronical lock which gives both the user and admin a couple of advantages.

For the users, a digital solution makes it quick to use the system via phone app or a NFC card, not just a e-STANDS specific NFC card. The system can be configured to accept other key cards of the user, eg. cards for doors and public transport.

For the administrators, a digital solution makes it possible to make the parking system a part of their offer to the residents of their properties or to their employees. Finally, it is also possible to use the system as paid parking with or without a subscription.

The market for electronical micromobility parking systems is new, and the most prevalent solution is to lock the vehicle inside a shed or a cabinet. Both options include the bikes and scooters being locked away by a digital lock, but still not secured to a based object. Because these solutions often are a part of a common scheme, everyone who buys access can easily steal the bikes.

With e-STANDS the vehicle is secured in an individual rack which only the legitimate user can open.


We create...

  • Built-in charging jack – have your battery and charger safely locked

e-STANDS is a combined parking and charging station. The patented security principle of e-STANDS has been utilized by integrating the possibility of storing and securing a battery and a charger as well as connecting it to a 230V jack. The solution consists of a cabinet with a built-in 230V power outlet and space for charger and battery. Cabinet gets locked up when stand gets locked. This way the battery and charger is protected from theft while charging.

The rapid increase in the use of e-bikes and scooters seems to continue in the coming years. Cities are planning on having car free zones with the use of micromobility vehicles such as bikes, scooters and cargo bikes.

With the increase of motorized bikes and scooters, the demand for charging stations follows. With our compact solution it is possible to turn every parking spot into a charging station.

  • Locked storage of your bicycle helmet

The use of bicycle helmet is a great idea for cyclists and mandatory for scooter riders in Denmark.The bicycle helmet can be troublesome to bring with you in your day to day life. To combat this, e-STANDS is designed so the helmet can be stored with the battery and charger. The storage is locked when e-STANDS is closed, thereby storing the helmet in a dry and secure place.

  • Web based administration module

e-STANDS can be delivered  as an online system through an app or online platform.
The online system makes it possible for the admins to offer a parking option to their users, that being property residents, company employees or costumers.For property owners, the parking systems can be dedicated to specific apartments or users, giving each resident their own private e-STANDS, which will always be accessible and open for storage of their charger - similarly to offering a parking space for a car. With the high security of e-STANDS as well as the ease of use and possibility of charging, more people are likely to use the stands.For company owners, encouraging employees to use the bike can turn into an economic advantage. Employees who are more active throughout the day have been proven to have an increased health with fewer sick days, making them happier and more effective during the work day.As a store owner it is beneficial to have bycycle stands nearby as it creates easy access to the store. Taking the car and having to find a parking spot can be difficult and time consuming. People always choose the easy option - and using e-STANDS and creating an easy bike park spot near your store will most likely be beneficial to your sales.As administrator you get to make both yourself and your users happy with the best solution on the market.

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