Safe parking and charging of bikes and scooters

Market leading theft protection and charging of your battery

Millions of bicycles are stolen worldwide. In parallel we are amid a global boom of e-bikes and e-scooters requiring charging stations. It’s these 2 challenges we have addressed with e-STANDS.

e-STANDS offers through its patented concept market leading theft protection and design further includes the possibility for charging battery in a locked storage which also has space for a bike helmet.

e-STANDS are fitted with an electronic lock operated by NFC technology and users therefore doesn't need to bring a lock. Battery, charger and bike helmet is kept in a cabinet which automatically gets locked up when users lock the rack.

Administrators can operate e-STANDS and support users through an admin module which further enables administrators to setup their system as "members only" or "public" and also if parking is free or subject to a parking fee.

With this combined set of features e-STANDS sets a new safety and convenience standard for micromobility parking.

  • Unmatched safety & convenience
  • Built in electronic lock – no lock needed
  • Battery, charger & bike helmet in locked storage
  • Online administration

The leading solution for micromobility parking

With its revolutionary technology, e-STANDS offers the leading bike parking solution on the market. e-STANDS provides superior protection against both theft and scratches for bikes, and thanks to the integrated charging cabinet it is the parking solution of the future. This applies to both the public and private sector as well as the blooming bike-sharing industry.

  • Safe & easy parking
  • Operation by phone app
  • Charging of e-bikes and scooters
  • Safe & dry storage of bike helmet

Find the bicycle racks of the future here

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